How about a nice Myoclonic jerk?

Ever been drifting off to sleep only to be rudely yanked awake by a violent twitch of your legs? If so, you’ve experienced what’s known as a Myoclonic jerk.

Generally, I’ve always find these odd twitches to be as amusing as their name, accompanied as they often are by a sensation of failing. A sensation that I suspect the brain manufactures simply to account for unaccountable muscle twitch. It doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes you just twitch. But sometimes it happens just when you’re hitting that drifty, dreamy state where consciousness really does start to stream and “Whammo” you find yourself awake with maybe a touch of adrenaline coursing through you.

Usually, this is not enough to keep me from falling back asleep fairly quickly. But, when it happens the first few nights after surgery . . . well, it’s not pleasant at all. You get pretty good muscle contraction, and boy does that make your stitches burn. Ouch! It’s already hard enough to fall and then stay asleep on my back with my leg raised without these wicked little intrusions. Suddenly, the Myoclonic jerk has lost its charm.

Then again, maybe there’s some benefit. I’m barely able to contract my left quardrecips on my own. Maybe this is just my subconscious jumping in to help me with my physical therapy. Or just getting me ready for what’s to come, since I don’t have my first phyiscal torture, um, I mean therapy session until tomorrow.


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  1. […] – it’s a great reference to where he’s at.  I did find this post on the Myloclonic jerk rather amusing, I could relate to this as a few days post-op I had the same excruciating […]

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