Tiger Woods ACL

I was at the gym during lunch going through my exercises when I saw the news that Tiger Woods will be having surgery to reconstruct his ACL.    It was difficult to watch videos of him limping around and to think about all that rotation and torque his knees go through in every long-shot swing.  At first I was confused, because just this past weekend, I’d read he’d recently had surgery to clean up some cartilage in his knee and there was no mention of the ACL.  

According to his official website, he tore it last fall while running and waited to get surgery.   The article also said he’s suffering from stress fractures brought on by rehabilitation following the surgery to repair the cartilage damage that had “developed as a result of the ACL injury.”  Can we say repeated subluxations? 

Now, I don’t want to fault him.  I know why he waited.  He’s a great competitor, and I wish him a speedy, painless return to play.  Gosh knows he deserves it.  But I think it’s a good lesson for anyone facing a possible or diagnosed ACL injury and who wants to continue their sport.   Think seriously, and think quickly, about getting your ACL fixed, so you don’t risk ripping your knees and legs apart. 


3 Responses

  1. Word. I ran across that tidbit today and thought the same thing–look what happens when you don’t get treatment! (You win the U.S. Open, but that’s not what I mean!)

  2. Just more proof that anyone can get hurt and should work on their knee exercises to prevent this kind of injury. Just a few simple exercises a few times a day increase flexibility and strength in your knee and awareness of yourself and how you move can prevent ACL injuries.

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