It’s official.  On October 9, I got clearance from the surgeon to “return to sport.”

And I have. Sort of.

You see, I haven’t actually been to back to a karate class since seeing the surgeon. But I haven’t been neglecting my practice, either. During my regular visits to the gym, I’ve been doing some stance and movement work, a few kicks, and yesterday I went through all (or nearly all) of my non-partner kata.

The knee is holding up pretty dang well. Some of the muscles around the knee let me know about it later (even now, I’m still icing it regularly), but while I’m warmed up it feels reassuringly strong. I won’t say that I haven’t lost a step. I definitely have. But that’s not really a bad thing for me. I’ve needed to slow down, I think.  I now have the excuse I needed to get myself to go slow. So far, I find that I’m enjoying feeling things out and noticing what feels right.

Last appointment

My last appointment was fairly uneventful. The surgeon asked me a few questions, lightly examined the injured knee, tested both knees with the arthrometer, and, after determining they have the same play, pronounced me able to start back at karate. He doesn’t see why I should avoid any pivoting motions, nor did he recommend using a brace. And based on how things have gone so far, I’ll probably only wear my old soft brace for compression and leave off the supports.

While I was there I asked him about my shoulder. He did a couple of physical tests, stated that I probably made my rotator cuff “angry,” and gave me a cortisone shot. It feels so much better, but for the next six weeks I have to refrain from doing any heavy lifting over my head.

Next class

My next class is this coming Tuesday. I’ll not miss it, and I’ll report on how it went afterwards.

In the meantime, I’m lifting weights for my knee and shoulder, doing some balance work, and grooving on the bongo board whenever I can.


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