1-year Anniversary

Somehow it went fast, this year since I tore my ACL.  And yet, it seems like I should be further along in my return to sport.

True, I’ve been going to karate about once or twice a week.  And I’ve been going through kata on off days and lifting weights/doing balance work as well.  But  I haven’t really and truly gotten back to karate. 

Angry knee

I’ve continuted to have pain near the harvest area and also near that scope hole that swelled up a few weeks after surgery.   So, as I passed 10 months post surgery, I decided I needed to do something.   And nothing.

About two and a half weeks ago, I went to a karate class where we did nothing but what we call “blocking kata” the whole session.    Afterwards I was worn out  But it’d been fun.  My advances in front stance left a lot to be desired, but I had some modicum of flow at times, which left me optimistic.    The worst part was realizing how soft the soles of my feet had become.  

Two days later, though, I did leg weights and squats on the balance board, and afterward my knee was angry.  Very angry.   This is third time since late December that I’ve felt this kind of pain, and I’d had enough of it.


I decided to make an appointment with the doctor and take time off, perhaps a month or so. No karate, no weights, no balance work, no soccer with my son.  

One part of me thinks that I’ve developed a tendonitis around the tendon harvest area and that I just need to rest.  Another part of is worried that it’s a bit more serious, though the graft itself is definitely strong.

I’ve been ‘off’ the knee for two and a half weeks today.   The good news is my knee doesn’t hurt.  But it is tight, and I get the feeling that if I were to start working it out, it might hurt again.  

My appointment with the doctor is this coming Friday.  Crossing fingers that all I need is rest.  But if it is more serious, I’m hoping it’s something that can be fixed.