BBBlue starting Sip Su

Working toward a black belt in karate can sometimes leave you feeling blue. One the eve of starting a months-long intensive training program in preparation for a 1st dan black belt exam, I tore the ACL in my left knee. Finding myself with time to read and reflect on my injury and my art, I’ve started this blog.

(And don’t you feel lucky!)


2 Responses

  1. While my husband does not have ACL reconstruction surgery to look forward to, he does have severe degenerative joint disease in his knees; while doing internet research on “knee pain and karate”, I ran across your website. We are both brown belts in our school (American karate) and I am doing my best to help him deal with his constant pain; it is requiring a thorough reworking of things he cannot do and things he can do, and not only that, it is also a mental adjustment for him.

    We too have a cat nurse named Isabel, and we have a a daughter who doesn’t quite understand why Daddy can’t continue the foam swordfighting as long as she wants.

  2. Hello,

    Would you like to correspond? I have been a black belt for over 20 years, and have also been a competitor for many of those years. I have been a many time national champion in forms, weapons, sparring and so forth.

    Recently, perhaps it is my age, but a lot has transpired. I found out today, that I completely tore my ACL back in June and will have to have it surgically reconstructed.

    I would love to hear any advice you might have or to hear about your situation. It sort of hit me as a ton of bricks, as I am suddenly unsure of whether my last good front stance is behind me, or just maybe my last 540, 720 or gymnastic like show technique is gone or whether there will just be a 6 month break. Anyway, I would love to learn more about your experience and how you are coming along, please email me and I think I will continue reading.



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